A Practical Guide To Corporate Survival


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Avoid work smarter, not harder

The following are some handy tools and resources for appearing busy, avoiding work and other aspects of Leashing Your Potential.


NOPE Chrome extension

Ever been stuck in a boring conversation with a co-worker and wished your phone would ring so they'd go away? With this handy browser extension, you can make that happen. Simply click a button and your phone will ring, and you can pretend the caller is whoever you want: an important customer, a family emergency, or just another coworker who isn't as boring.


HAcker typer

Everyone needs to appear to work sometimes. The best thing to pretend to be working on is what you're actually supposed to be working on, but this handy tool is a fair substitute. Simply load the webpage, hit random keys and it will generate random code in a realistic green-on-black TTY window.