A Practical Guide To Corporate Survival


Attend the seminar that one audience member described as "genius" and another said "triggered my PTSD". Read the five star review, and then read a review of that review.

Currently appearing in the Victoria Fringe Festival, Aug 23 - Sept 1 2019. Get your tickets today!

Ryan Gunther presents a business seminar too honest to give at an actual business. Drawing on over 15 years of experience at a fortune 500 company, Ryan will teach you how to succeed in a modern corporate bureaucracy, where outdated notions like talent, competence and hard work are irrelevant. Topics will include: writing unreadable emails, being an effective participant in ineffective meetings, and tips to get better at the busywork that makes up 80% of every job.

If you work in an office, you probably feel like you're constantly being prevented from doing your job by a never-ending tide of email, meetings, reports, and other bureaucratic busywork. If your boss would just let you do your job, you could get so much done!

But what if you have it backwards? What if the busywork and red tape aren't distractions from your job, but are actually the reason you have a job at all?

Leash Your Potential is a darkly satirical look at the modern corporate job, presented as the kind of seminar you attend just to get away from your desk for an hour. You will laugh, but you may also learn something.

"Leash Your Potential is a refreshingly honest analysis of current corporate culture and is peppered perfectly with just the right amount of sarcastic wit and intelligent humour." -Katie Robertson, Vue Weekly
"One of the funniest performances at this year’s Fringe. I cannot recommend this show enough." -Juris Graney, Edmonton Journal
"I couldn't be more proud." -Suellen Gunther, mother

For dates and showtimes, visit ryangunther.com.